A cookbook with 101 famous chefs, from all around the world, all in one book!


This is not intended to be a foodie’s guidebook. Instead, the book is a celebration of the one person that is most important to you: Your mother (or grandmother).

We’d love to hear your very own story – your favourite dish when you were growing up; what inspired you to become the person you are today; stories of chaos when family came over for dinner; and other past food-based anecdotes!

Our Mission

A World Without Hunger. All profits go to food charities in the country the books were sold in: food banks, soup kitchens, families in need, educational programmes, and more!

We’re happy to make your favourite charity/organisation a beneficiary.

It’s all to be contained in a book of considerable heft! All-in-all about 460 pages, protected by hardcover.

All contributors will be asked to put up one of their favourite mother’s recipes – from soup to soufflé, scrambled eggs to souvlaki, spaghetti to fettuccine.

The format will vary depending on the availability of the contributor:

  1. We can visit you at work or at home. Or wherever really for a quick photo shoot, interview, and we can even cook with you if time permits.
  2. Or it can be done remotely – you send us your favourite recipe and a landscape photo of you (and your mother if possible) in a kitchen or home environment. We will pay for a local photographer if required.

All dishes can be prepared and photographed by our award-winning chef and food stylist Grant Allen in Auckland, New Zealand.

We can tailor the approach further according to your circumstances if required (eg. availability, time and geography).


I Heart Mum


Initiated by artist Dick Frizzell, his business partner Christian Kasper and TV presenter Erin Simpson, The Cooking 4 Change Foundation was brought to life to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable with a focus around the common theme of the one thing we all need: good and nutritious food.

To raise awareness and funds for the cause we mobilized 101 of New Zealand’s most loved and well-known celebrities and created New Zealand’s very first charity celebrity cookbook – without any chefs! Now we want to take our message across the world and create the world’s first collaboration cookbook with 101 chefs from all over the world sharing their mothers’ favourite recipes.


We have begun the journey and we would love to invite you to come join us!

Who’s on board so far