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Hungry? Bored? Need something quick and tasty? Cooking for your family/mates/parents/a special someone and have no idea what to make? Check out our range of yum and super easy-to-make recipes, and you will be whipping up a delicious custom writings plate of food from one of New Zealand’s best-known celebs in no time.

  • Tomato
  • Chicken
  • Chilli
  • Garlic
  • Soy Sauce
  • Coriander

Don’s Chicken Livers

Heat the olive oil in a large frypan over a medium heat. Add the onion and cook until it’s tra…

Clock 40 mins Fire Easy

Delicious Chicken Teriyaki

Cooking doesn’t always have to take up a lot of time to prepare, cost a lot, and be unhealthy all at the same time. We found a group of Aucklanders looking for fast-food fried chicken a healthy and low-cost delicious alternative. Cost per serving: $4.20

Clock 30 mins Fire Easy

Alison Shanks’ Coriander and Soy-marinated Fillet Steak

Alison Shanks, former professional cyclist show us her idea of the perfect steak.

Clock 25 mins Fire Easy

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The cookbook

Did you know superstar Stan Walker’s mum created his favourite tuna and silverbeet pie just to make him eat his veggies? Or that former PM Helen Clark cooks and freezes around 30 portions of her beef casserole for her dad George whenever she visits NZ?

Discover the personal and touching stories behind our best-loved celebs’ recipes in the Cooking 4 Change Cookbook, and give their delectable dishes a go yourself. Whether it’s Sam Neill’s mouthwatering shepherd’s pie, a vegan lasagna best masticating juicer piping hot from Rhys Darby’s kitchen, or a lipsmacking frittata a la Lucy Lawless – there’s something for everyone.

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What’s cooking?

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The Cooking 4 Change Foundation

The brainchild of artist Dick Frizzell, his business partner Christian Kasper, and TV presenter Erin Simpson, the Cooking 4 Change Foundation is on a mission to make sure there is enough good food to go round for everyone. To make that happen, all the profits we make go towards our ultimate goal – helping to create A World Without Hunger

The Cooking 4 Change Foundation supports local organisations who do the right thing by helping to feed people and reduce food poverty. We do this through creative works that aim to raise funds and create awareness of the global problems around people struggling to get access to good food – the fuel of life.

Dick Frizzell in his studio